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Exciting Changes Have Happened at Spa Ahava.......

Effective June 1st, 2014, Spa Ahava amalgamated and merged with our sister spa, Edgewater Spa.  All spa services are now being done at the Edgewater Spa location only,  located at 101-611 University Drive on the 5 corners of Broadway just a Block and a half down from Spa Ahava. Please be advised we no longer offer spa services at Spa Ahava.

All Spa Ahava gift cards are now able to be used at Edgewater Spa and all Edgewater Spa gift cards will be able to be used at the Ahava retail store.

We are pleased to announce that our retail store at the Spa Ahava location has expanded, and has been renamed "Ahava".

Two Sisters.... One Spa.... One Retail!!!

To Book an Appointment for spa services please phone Edgewater Spa at 306-978-4111.  Spa Ahava is no longer a day spa and is now a retail location only, selling women's clothing, accessories, scarves, purses, wallets, body products and much more.


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